New Telemedicine Technology in the South Pacific

New Telemedicine Technology in the South Pacific

The tools linking Doctors and Patients in California and the Northern Mariana Islands are contained in a new, mobile healthcare resource called CLINIC IN A BAG.  The mobile clinic provides a comprehensive cloud based examination platform Doctors can use wirelessly to complete patient examination and bring in remote consultation by specialists at any point of care while keeping a full electronic health record.

The new telemedicine resources combine vitals, cutting edge diagnostic devices, lab work and HD telemedicine with the power of cloud analysis and EHR reporting to create a new level of accessible examination… A clinic without walls.
HEART: Auscultation, 3 Lead EKG, Heart Failure Analysis (SPI)
LUNG: Spirometry, Lung Function
VITALS: Pulse Oximetry, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Digital Weight, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate
IMAGING: Vascular Ultrasound, Thoracic Ultrasound, Abdominal Ultrasound (not available in the US)
LAB WORK: Cholesterol Lipid Panel, Blood Glucose, Urinalysis
TELEMEDICINE: Remote Consultation, HD Photo Visual Exam, Video Patient Encounter and Video Specialists Consultation, Cloud EMR Reports

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